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Technology; Man’s chosen tool to reshape the world to his convenience. It’s probably the main reason you’re reading this right now, meaning you love it, we love it , and billions of people around the world do too. Even here in Zimbabwe, tech has crept it’s way into our lives and we’ve actually changed how we interact with the world and each other because of it. This happens with everyone around the world, in every country and as such, people in respective areas have a certain way they relate to tech and a certain perspective they have on it. Well welcome to ours; the Zimbabwean Perspective(TZP).

Tech is a mainstay in almost every part of our lives these days

So yes, this is a tech blog, but with millions of those around the internet, including quite a few Zimbabwean ones ( Hi TechZim, big fan) , why should you bother to spend any of your time here? Well for starters, our name says it all. On the Zimbabwean perspective we like to focus not just on what is the latest tech to grace our borders or out in the world, but also how that tech affects the everyday Zimbabwean, whether it benefits us at all , and how it will enhance our lives on a day to day basis. And that’s because the everyday Zimbabwean, and Zimbabwe itself, are not the stereotypical customer cases that companies like Apple , Google or Microsoft  think of when they come up with a new product. Our market, and our consumers are……different to say the least, and that’s why we look at tech differently. We care more about how much internet data an app uses in comparison to how convenient or rich the user experience may be, how much storage a device comes with instead of the free cloud storage packages it has (because great internet costs a small fortune here) and we definitely , DEFINITELY, do not like the removal of the headphone jack from our phones (thanks for starting The Apocalypse Apple) because even USB-C cables are a relatively new thing here. Zimbabwe tends to roll the wheels of technology significantly slower than other countries, first world or otherwise, but that’s not always a bad thing. Most of us don’t suffer from social media induced depression, because the aforementioned data constraints make us not spend too much time there, we don’t suffer numerous cyber attacks like developing country’s seem to every week (though our cyber security is definitely something we need to pay attention to), and our jobs are not currently hanging in the balance due to the impending threat of Artificial Intelligence. Our unique position and relationship with tech make us capable of assessing its effects on us a little better than most while getting ready for the advances that will inevitably arrive as well. And TZP aims to be impartial, fair and objective with all our coverage, doing our best to cover everything you need us to in the most informative way possible. And speaking of fairness, you may have realized we talked quite a bit about value ,internet packages being too expensive and products that are the most effective in someone’s life. That doesn’t mean that if you can afford a great internet connection ,expensive devices and features most people here think only work in America you don’t belong here. We love tech enthusiasts and those with higher class taste too, after all technology is meant to be subjective , that’s why price segments and different consumer packages exist.  But what we want to do is build a tech blog where every Zimbabwean can feel like their views on tech are heard and acknowledged and perhaps those not from Zimbabwe can see how countries like ours work with tech that doesn’t always perfectly address our needs as well. So, we hope you’ll enjoy this journey we’ve just started taking and will help us every step of the way to create a place on the web you can enjoy hanging out and learning from.

How our tech influences our lives is the biggest focus we have. Image (Credit: Shutterstock)

You will find a brief description of some of the things we have to offer below:

Reviews: When a new piece of tech comes out and we can get our hands on it, we’ll let you know exactly what we think off it. In fact we’re going to do our reviews a little differently, first by pointing out everything the international or western scene loves about the device , then comparing it to how those  aspects hold up in our own environment and what extra features and capabilities we may like as well. Our reviews will cover everything from phones, tablets, pcs ,game consoles to internet plans, bundles ,apps and every other little thing we think could help you live with tech a little better.

Explainers: Let’s face it, it sucks to not know how to use a device, and technology tends to make fools of us all. Which is why TZP will help as much as we can to help you better utilize the devices you have (and not look like a fool when trying to show off a certain feature but it doesn’t work because you did it wrong)

Buyer’s Guides: Buying any bit of tech in Zim is something that tends to require some background knowledge, and if you try to just buy a device with no prior information  , you might end up sorely disappointed by what you get. Luckily, we’ll do everything we can to inform you on device price segments, features and purchase locations to make sure you end up with everything you need for a reasonable enough price.

Lifestyle: How are lives are affected by tech is the biggest part of this site so covering aspects of that is a key part of what we’ll do here. From articles on the social and psychological effects tech has on us , to smaller tips on which apps to use for what and how that can improve your day , we’ll keep people’s lives at the centre of our tech coverage.

And of course there’s other things we’ll cover, there’s always something to cover in tech, whether we anticipate it or not, and all we know is we’ll have a great time making it all ready for you. Feel free to give us feedback on our social media platforms and tell us what we’re doing right or wrong. Here’s to a fun ride .

Hope to see more of all of you.


Clint (Editor-in Chief)


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